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New Rights For Young Carers - Document outlining Legal Rights For Young Carers Under New Legislation  (pdf document)
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Learning resources to help you
With support from Surrey County Council, Surrey Health and Joint Training Partnership and Action for Carers Surrey, a suite of learning materials has been developed specifically for those who will have responsibilities to assess and support young carers and their families under the new legislation. Although originally delivered as a 2-day course, these materials are designed to be adapted and used by young carer champions, managers, self-directed learners and learning and development professionals using their professional judgement as to what is most appropriate.

The materials currently cover:
New legal rights for Young Carers
Roles and responsibilities of public sector organisations towards young carers
Factors that need to be considered to ensure the health and wellbeing of a young carer
Ways to engage and communicate effectively with the child, young person and family
Surrey's new Young Carer Assessment Tools

The materials include a number of different learning activities across a range of methods:
Powerpoint presentations with trainer notes
Case studies with sample answers
Quiz with answer sheet
Icebreaker exercises
Video clips
Personal Action Plan
Each activity can also be made your own by adapting them to meet specific local learning needs.

'Ask and listen to me'
'I just want people to understand'
'I would like professionals to believe what I say'
New Legal Rights For Young Carers And Roles And Responsibilities
New Rights For Young Carers - ppt document
"The Care Act and Whole-Family Approaches" sets out how best to develop whole family approaches in line with new legislation.
Our Roles And Responsibilities Towards Young Carers - ppt document
New Rights For Young Carers - A young carers legal rights quiz with answers (pdf document) 
New Rights For Young Carers - A young carers legal rights quiz (pdf document)
New Rights For Young Carers Update which provides supplementary information on the legal rights of young carers (ppt document)
Young Carers and Transition Case Studies (word document)
Young Carers Facts and Figures -an introductory quiz (PPT document)
Personal Action Plan (pdf document)
Ice Breaker Excercises (pdf document)

General Resources

Undertaking A Young Carers Assessment, - Top Tips (pdf document)
Young Carer Assessment Tool - 'About Me' exercise (pdf document)
I- Care Assessment Tool -  i-care excercise (pdf document)
i- Care Assessment Tool - Booklet (pdf document)
Engaging Effectivly With Young People  - Powerpoint Presentation (PPT document)
Engaging And Communicating Effectively With Young Carers And Their Families 

The Ecomap Tool -  Used to highlight relationships between a child, family and their social network. (pdf document)

Young Carers Risk and Resilience Factors, Case Studies Sample Answers (pdf document)  
Young Carers Risk And Resilience Factors - Case Studies (pdf document)
Childs Development Triangle (image jpeg document)
Risk and Resilience Model -   (pdf  document)

Ensuring The Wellbeing Of Young Carers

Assessing the Needs of Young Carers Supporting Guidance - summerises the guidance which is intended to assist professionals when using the Memorandum of Understanding (ppt document)
Young Carers Needs Assessment Supporting Information  (pdf document)
Legal Rights, Roles and Responsibilities towards Young Carers - Case Studies with Answers (pdf document)

Legal Rights, Roles and Responsibilities towards Young Carers - Case Studies - (pdf document)

Young Carers (Needs Assessments)Regulations 2015 These rules apply equally to the work of Adult and Childrens Social Care.
Young Carers Needs Assessment- Supporting Information designed to be used with the 'NO Wrong Door's Memorandum of Understanding and provesd good practice guidance for practitioners involved in assessing young carers.
A Young Carers Memorandumof Understanding "No Wrong Doors" can be adapted for local use to promote effective joint working between adults and children's social services
The Whole Family Pathway - produced by The Children's Society. This document provides a 'map' for both families and agencies to follow so they can see what choices, what responsibilities and what lines of accountability for services may be available.(PDF document)

Young Carers Wish List (pdf document)

'Young carers script' -   with suggested questions for professionals working with children which they may find useful for purposes of better engagement with young carers