Useful Documents

This section provides you with both national and local documents which relate to caring for someone. Most document are in PDF (Portable Document Format)

Surrey GP Carers Prescription Service Guidance Notes
Surrey young carers GP Registration Form (update 2019)
Carers GP Registraion For (Update 2019)

Surrey GP Carers Registration Survey Report 2019

A Life Outside of Caring Surrey Carers Commissioning and Development Strategy 2016-17 to 201819

Surrey Wide Carers Information Pack  (with Pictures)
Digital Inclusion Survey -Survey conducted in Surrey in 2013 on hoe and if Carers within the County use the Internet
Evaluation Report Central Surrey Health Surrey Carers Prescription Pilot. Click here to get your copy.
Young Carers Topt Tip for visiting GP
Young Carers Strategy published November 2014
Young Carers The Memorandum of Understanding
Young Carers Supporting Information
Young Carers Needs Assessment Supporting information   
No Wrong Doors   template for local memorandum of understanding on work with young carers
What to expect when someone important to you is dying - A guide for Carers,families and friends of dying people
Surrey Welfare Rights Book - Information about Benifits which may be available to Carers and those who are cared for. 
Carers Human Rights- A handy book which outlines Carers Human Rights
Future Care The Case for Care Leave:Families, work and the ageing population
How Would I Know What Can I Do? How to help someone with dementia who is in pain from distress. Published by the National Council for Palliative Care

Our Plan How will you cope when someone you care about perhaps even yourself can no longer make decisions about health and future care?
Your Home Care and Human Rights- The guide explains how your human rights protect you when you use home care services. It also explains your rights to Home Care.
Digital Inclusion Survey (2013) - The Survey looks at how Carers use digitial technology within Surrey
Young Carers Survey For Surrey
. The findings paint a picture for the current and long term physical and
 mental health of Young Carers.
Young Carers Strategy 2011 to 2014 (pt 1) Young Carers Strategy table version This is a multi agency strategy to deliver services to young carers within Surrey.

A Life Outside of Caring' A joint Carers Commissioning and Development Strategy for Surrey
Carers Strategy Priorities for Surrey (PDF document)
Surrey Carers Health Survey - This Survey took place in 2010 and is one of the biggest survey of Carers health anywhere in the UK
Making Decisions - a guide for family and friends and other unpaid Carers. The book outlines the major points of 'The mental Capacity Act which became law in April 2007
Carers and their Rights - The law relating to Carers (4th Edition) produced by Luke Clements, in conjunction with Carers UK outlines the principle rights of Carers to support from the health and social services authorities.
to include
Carers from Work and Families Act 2006
Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004
Combined Policy Guidance (Equal Opportunities Act 2004)
Practice Guide: Implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004
Carers UK's published new research which highlights that both employers and employees are being hit hard by a growing impact on the workforce of caring for people with dementia March 2014 Click here to download your copy.

Carers at the Heart of 21st Century families and Community (published June 2008)
Views of parent carers on support services in Surrey.
Click here for a summery of the report.
Click here for the full report (pdf document)
Young Carers Guide for Professionals. Published in 2011 this is a guide for professionals from statutory and the voluntary sector
Commissioning for Carers This guide aims to provide a simple yet comprehensive route map towards commissioning for carers.
Challenging Behaviour - Three Carers guides around challenging behavior.
Click here to download the guide on getting the right support for teenagers.
Click here to download the guide getting the right support for children.
Click here to getting the right support for adults.
Self Directed Support - Your guide to what it means and how it works
Making Decisions - a guide for family and friends and other unpaid carers. The book outlines The Mental Capacity Act
Carers and their Rights - The law relating to Carers. This document outlines the principle rights of Carers to support from health and social services authorities
Carers Equal Opportunities Act 2004
Carers and Disabled Children's Act
Surrey Welfare Rights Information Pack - provides detailed information about benefits you may be entitled too.
Potential for Change- Report looking at how and if Carers use health and care technology (September 2013)
GP Carer Breaks Leaflet 2018
GP Carers Registration Form 2018