Social Care

Surrey County Council provides social care if needed to both adults and children. If you are caring for someone and you are finding it difficult to cope they may be able to provide you with some help. They may also be able to provide you with information about services that may be able to help you. The aim of social care is to help people:

Live independently
Have as much choice and control over their lives as possibly
Live in their own home, if they wish, or other accommodation of their choice
Support you as a Carer
Find out about services and support available and how to get access to them
Get the support that they need in local and ordinary settings
Be safe from abuse

Find out more on how social care may be able to help you by clicking here for Adult Services or click here for information about Children Services

Carers Assessments
A  Carers Assessment is your legal right to an assessment of your needs. It is your chance to discuss with the social care team, what help you need in caring for someone. The first point of contact is to call the Adult Social Care Helpline on 0300 200 1005 for an initial Contact Assessment. You may be eligible for a full assessment if
The person you care for either refuses to be assessed or does not receive help from social care
You intend to look after someone. For example, your relative or friend is in hospital and is shortly to be discharged home

The Care Act 2014 is the main piece of legislation that the process of the Carers Assessment rests on and futher develops rights for Carers. Clck here for futher informaton about how knowing details about the Care Act can help you. If you would like further information about the Care Act 2014 Professor Luke Clements has now updated guidance which is a easy to read step by step guide. You may purchase this via Carers UK

If you are a parent looking after a child with a illness or disability you may also be able to receive  an assessment. of your needs.Click on the parent carers section to find out more

Availble is Surrey is the Carers Emergency card which alerts a member of the emergency services that you are caring for someone. You can get one of these cards by calling 0303 040 1234