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Remember Ask for Copyright Clearance before downloading or using any Video or Audio

Here you will find out how to download and embed Utube Videos into Powerpoint presentations. If you do decide to use any UTube video under law you will need to ask for copyright permission from the company or person who uploaded or made the video. Details will be normally on the Utube page where the video sits Below you will find a number of videos to show you how to download the videos and / or embed these into your presentation.

Some of the process of downloading or embedding UTube video may require you to install additional software. The tutorial videos below are only a guide and we cannot verify the quality of the software or stability of it. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or malfunction of equipment from this process.

Remember ask for permission to download the video of your choice and to use videos in your presentation otherwise you may be infringing copyright law

How to download UTube Videos
How to download UTube Videos

Embedding Utube movie into Powerpoint slide
Internet connection needed for this

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