Learning DIsability

Learning Disability covers a wide range of intellectual impairment. The word disability is defined in The Disability Discrimination  ACT as a 'physical or mental impairment which has a substantial adverse and long term effect on the ability of the person to carry out normal day to day activities'.

Generally someone is considered to have a learning disability when the person functions at a level of intellectual ability which is significantly below their age. Between 2 and 3 percent of the UK population has some form of learning disability.

Surrey County Council may be able to provide a number of services which may be of use to the person who has the learning disability and you as the carer. You may wish to call them on 03456 009 009. There are a number of other services which are available such as Employability. To learn more about the services that Surrey County Council may provide click here

There are also some national organisations for you might find useful

Mencap  supports people with learning disability and their families

Learning Disability.co.uk  provides information, support and advice

Contact SID Social Information on Disability 0800 04 39 39 5 for information