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Spring 2021

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GP Carers Coding

As a result of Covid-19 the majority of unpaid carers are now providing more care than before, and the need for self-isolation or shielding, closure of local services and reduced support from social care providers has had a particularly powerful knock-on effect for carers. As such many carers are desperate for a break from their caring role.
We appreciate that in the current on-going Covid-19 context you may not being seeing as many carers as you would normally expect be but we would like to gently remind you that we do currently have an underspend on the GP Carers Breaks budget and would welcome your referrals .

Employers for Carers Services

As part of our Surrey Young Carers Strategy, Surrey Heartlands ICS has pledged their support to young carers by taking the Surrey Young Carers Pledge You can help raise awareness of young carers in your organisation by making a pledge to young carers, writing a pledge card and posting this on your website and/or social media channels on Young Carers Action Day. Don't wait until 2022 to revisit your pledge, monitor what actions you've taken and let us know. Together we can make life better for our kids who care and protect their futures!

Take the NHS Young Carers Pledge

Young Carers Action Day 2021 will take place March 16th 2021

The one stop shop for Primary Care practioners across Surrey to support carers. This includes the portal for the GP Carers Prescription and other resources.

For more information or for advice and support on carer matters please contact
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This is an annual event, organised by Carers Trust, which has taken place over the last six years to raise awareness of young carers and the incredible contribution they make to their families and local communities. Our photo shows the pledges we made last year.
Young carers are children and young people under 18 with caring responsibilities. However, a recent survey, undertaken by the Carers Trust, showed that young people aged 18 to 25 are experiencing many of the same challenges as younger carers. Young adult carers need support too as they continue to balance their caring role with the difficult transition into early adulthood.
Until now, YCAD stood for Young Carers Awareness Day. Following feedback from young carers, the name has been changed to Action to encourage people to take action to support young carers. This provides an opportunity to amplify the voice of young carers and put them right at the heart of planning for YCAD. The Carers Trust have created a steering group of young carers and expanded this to include young adult carers, aged 18 to 25.
The theme this year is: Protect Young Carers' Futures. The Carers Trust website has a number resources for both young carers and professionals that work with them.
For us in Surrey, there are an estimated 14,700 young carers. Find out what support is available for them by visiting Action for Carers Surrey.
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A new website that brings together a wealth of information for unpaid carers who are seeking guidance on how to make decisions about end of life care has been launched.
Caring to the End is a guide to end of life care and beyond for unpaid carers in Surrey. .

It has been produced by a multi-agency group of practitioners from health and social care, hospices and voluntary sector providers. The group worked with current and former carers who had experience of end of life care and they were instrumental in the scope and design of the website.
The website provides a single point of access resource for practical, legal and financial information for carers who are caring or who have just lost a loved one, as well as advice on coping with grief and where to go for support. It also includes specific information targeted towards young carers and parent carers.
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When an unpaid carer identifies themselves to your practice, it is important this is recorded on their patient record. The SNOMED codes (which have replaced the old Read Codes) to use are: 
-  918F has a carer is replaced by 184156005
-  918g is a carer is replaced by 224484003
The team are planning to refresh the historic GP Carer Registration Form. If you would like to be involved in this please contact the team.

Annual GP Carers Registration Survey and GP Carer Quality Markers

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The Annual GP Carers Registration Survey is now due. As per previous years we have created two parts to the survey which help us meet our obligations under the NHS Long Term Plan, our Surrey Heartlands Primary Care Carers KPI, and the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The first part is our usual annual bench marking exercise of how many carers are registered within each practice. The second part, which is optional, links to the NHS England GP Carer Quality Markers portal (not yet formally launched). The Care Quality Commission use these Quality Markers to measure how practices are supporting carers. They therefore provide you with an evidence base for your inspection. Once you have submitted your Quality Marker evidence a declaration will be generated and emailed back to you. You may update your Quality Marker evidence at any time.

The Survey will operate until 31st March 2021. The results will be published in the Annual Surrey GP Carers Registration Report 2021 which we hope to share with you in May.

Surrey Carers Strategy 2021 -26

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The formal engagement phase closed on 3rd January and the team are now carefully considering the feedback. We will prepare a final draft and present this for ratification at the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Board in early June. The procurement programme will commence with a market engagement event on 11th June. New contracts will come into effect 1st April 2022.

GP Carer Breaks

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We are currently refreshing the GP Carer Breaks Guidance; the updated guidance will be published during Carers Week (8-13th June).

For more information on your practice allocation please contact our co-ordinator: at Surrey Independent Living Council (SILC) email:
Supporting staff who combine work with care has never been more important. The NHS Staff Survey shows that as many as a third of NHS staff provide unpaid care to family member, friend or neighbour. Employers for Carers provides practical advice and support for employers seeking to develop carer friendly policy and practice and retain skilled workers. For further information about Employers for Carers go to