Digital Offer

We've teamed up with Carers UK to give carers in our area access to a wide range of digital tools and essential resources that may help make their caring situation easier.


Your Free Access Code is: DGTL3562

Use this code to get free access to all the digital products and online resources, including:

About Me
eLearning Course
This online course aims to help you
identify and find resources, technology
and sources of support to prevent your
caring responsibilities from becoming
Care co-ordination app
A central place to store and share
important information about the person
you are caring for. Set up appointments,
allocate tasks, save files and notes,
manage medication and lots more.
Free publications
Carers UK guides
Essential reading for carers including:
Upfront guide to caring, Looking after
someone , Carers Rights Guide and Being heard: A self-advocacy guide for carers

More resources & info

Links to local resources
Access links to further resources and sources of information and support for people who are looking after a loved one.

Our Plan is an advanced care planning toolkit for carers of people with dementia .
 Click here to download your copy

Refer Yourself For Help
Action For Carers (Surrey) is a county wide organisation providing support and advice to the thousands of Carers across Surrey. If you feel Action for Carers may be able to help you please click on the icon opposite and complete their secure form. One of Action for Carers, Carers Information Centre Advisers will then contact you to see how they can be of service to you.