Carers Care Pathway

The Carers Care Pathway is a way of helping to ensure carers (young and old) receive the type of support . Depending on their role, health professionals may come into contact with carers face to face, or be involved in planning services for them or the people they look after. The Carers Care Pathway detailed below serves two purposes: to provide generic pathway for incorporation into all patient care pathways and hospital discharge procedures; and to help health staff in identifying, recognising and supporting carers (including young carers).
Also included is a checklist for practitioners to help ensure each stage is considered, together with links to relevant supporting information.

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Stage 1
Identification and Recognition

In any part of the health system, the initial assessment of any patient should include determining whether the patient has a carer (or carers), including young carers. Once carers are identified and recognised by NHS staff, identify any communication, religious or cultural barriers and provide appropriate support

Support for Carers

Hospital admission:

1) Pre-admission support for carers who are admitted to hospital (including emergency admission) to arrange on- going support for the person the carer is looking after

2)Support for carers when care-for person is admitted to hospital

Hospital discharge
1) Ensure carer is involved in discharge planning is able and willing to accept the person, and is provided with sufficient information to fulfil the caring role upon discharge

GP /Primary
1) Register carer (Reed code 918)
2) Refer Carer to support services / GP Carer Breaks
3) For elected surgery, GP make referral to social care if appropiate
4) Ensure carers own health needs identified and assessed

Community Providers
1) Identify Carers and follow pathway

Stage 2

Provide Carers with the relevant information

Stage 3

For a Social Care and / or OT assessment

to Adult Social Care
to Children's Services
to Hospital Social Care Team

For voluntary sector support

to Local Carers Support orgs (for independent  advice and support)
to Young Carers Support
to Crossroads end of life carer support

Stage 4
Referral for Enhanced Services

Action for Carers (Surrey)
Borough and District Councils
Voluntary Sector
Disease Specific or Condition Related Organisations
The Surrey NHS Carers Prescription