The Surrey NHS Carers Prescription

The Carers Prescription provides you with an easy solution to support carers you come into contact with. The Carers Prescription  is a secure, on line mechanism for you to make a referral.  Once your prescription has been received by our provider Action for Carers (Surrey), they will undertake their own assessment and make arrangments to support the carers identified needs.This will include support to reduce pressures on young carers. The referral will be processed quickly and efficiently. 

To refer a Carer just click on the 'Make A Referral button'

To ensure GDPR compliance you are now required to provide the carer with a 'Fair Processing Notice' this is mandatory. Click on Fair Processing to download the leaflet.

If you need to inform your staf about how to use the Carers Prescription click here to download our A4 poster

Action for Carers (Surrey) will help navigate your carer through the range of services in Surrey. The support provided can be to the carer directly or to the person being cared for.

Service Definition

Carers Information Pack -  This includes general information, a Carers Emergency Card, GP Carer Registration Form.and Action for Carers (Surrey) information. 
If the carer has provided an email address the Surrey Digital Offer will also be sent to them.

Action for Carers (Surrey) provides:

Adult Carers Support - Provides independent information, advice, advocacy and support for Adult Carers over 18 years of age irrespective of who they are caring for this may include an onward referral for a statutory carers assessment or other relavant services (subject to consent)

Young Carers Support - support children who care aged 5 to 18 years. This can include advocating on behalf of the young carer and their families, one to one support, groups, activities, outings and work with schools and colleges.

Moving and Handling Service - provides specialist advisers to give tailored information, advice and training to carerson all aspects of moving and handling the person they care for.


Covid 19 Resources Last Updated 9th February 2021

Supporting Surrey (unpaid) Carers during Covid 19 Professional Guide (PDF Document) -This is a live document which is reviewed as necessary.

As part of our COVID response, we have two distinct additional offers to carers which are located on the Carers Prescription :

1. SUCH -  This is a new service and is a series of FREE 45 minute webinars which are available to carers. The sessions will help carers in creating a Safer Environment during the pandemic, with the aim of reducing infection rates. Please check the carer has access to the internet on a device before ticking the COVID 19 box below. The internet access may be through home internet or mobile internet.

2. NHS Carer Identification Letter (COVID 19) - This is a letter which is given to carers to identify them as a carer and to help them maintain their caring role in event of restriction of population movement by Government because of COVID 19 infection rates. The letter will be sent in hard copy or via email from Action for Carers (Surrey) when this form is processed.